What to consider when you buy a fur coat


Among the fur coats from DKStyle.gr presented today to an inexperienced consumer it is very easy to get confused, because when choosing a fur coat, you really want to buy the warmest, wear-resistant and high quality option. Therefore, it is very important to decide on the fur from which your new underwear will be made.

Mouton (sheepskin)

Until recently, our grandmothers’ most popular fur was considered a relic of the past, but today the giants of the fur industry have learned to make truly wonderful pieces of sheepskin art fur. Having a relatively low price, a fur coat is made of an immaculate in the boldest variations and colors, without losing its heating and wear-resistant properties.

One of the most luxurious furs. Distinguished by a special softness and silk, the substrate has a height almost at the same level as the hairs. A feature of the pile is a zoned color that can give any product an elegant and exclusive look. Light as fluff, chinchilla fur is not available to a large mass of buyers, as it has a rather high cost. In addition, it is very short-lived (maximum – 3 seasons) and does not tolerate moisture, in contact with which the life of the fur is reduced several times.


 One of the most durable furs – a beer coat, with proper use, can safely serve its owner for about 20 years. The beaver fur has a very thick substrate and long guard hair, so the natural beaver is like a flake. The same beaver is often confused with a rabbit – the cut, the coarse hairs with the substrate are very similar to its fur.

The natural fur of a beaver with a brown shade does not look very respectable, but, nevertheless, it has found many fans among its owners. Due to the fact that the must coat can not be cheap, due to the complexity of extraction, reproduction and coating of the skin, many are ready to wear it in a natural color, displaying its taste and richness.

Specify the color

To choose a fur coat that is ideal for you in every way, it is important to consider not only the peculiarities of your personality, but also the type of color. For “warm” blondes, the ideal choice is ginger and walnut color – fox, lynx and light mini. For more “cold” platinum blondes, blue flakes and interpretation are a great choice. We also recommend that you consider chinchilla or raccoon fur. Brunette brunettes can afford to wear a black mini, silver fox or sheepskin.

You can also try other dark fur colors. Do not be afraid to buy painted products. To date, fur coat manufacturers have learned to dye fur rather high quality, so feel free to try non-standard color products. But, having decided to buy such a fur coat, just in case, check the quality yourself, without relying on the advice of a meticulous seller.

Just run a white handkerchief against the wool and under the substrate – if there are traces of color on it, then this coat will probably serve you for a very short time, in some seasons it will fade and lose its color.  Generic fur, which is suitable for absolutely all types of colors, is shiny and undamaged.

How to choose a quality fur coat?

When you touch the fur, you should feel a pleasant warmth. The fur should literally slip under the palm of your hand, once restrained against growth, the pile of high quality fur coat will fall off quickly and evenly. Do not hesitate to ask for a fur certificate – if the seller has nothing to hide, he will show it with dignity. The fur must be uniform, in a quality product there are no bald spots and leaks.

 If, by pinching or “pushing” the fur coat, there are hairs on the hands, they do not acquire such fur, as most likely the technology was broken during its manufacture. How to distinguish the original from a fake? On the wrong side of this fur there should be a stamp that speaks of the country of origin and the manufacturer of this pelt. If not, then there should be doubts about the quality of the product.

Pay attention to the seams – they should be straight, seams of the same length, the threads do not go up. If there are traces of glue on the joints of the skin – this means that this thing is probably performed in craft conditions. A high quality fur coat never has a tight lining, as the buyer should be able to evaluate the quality of the fur from the inside out without tearing the seams. Tips Do not buy a fur coat, if you still have a second doubt about buying it, otherwise the purchase will not bring any joy afterwards.

Check carefully, hit, remember, smell the fur coat before buying. Do not hesitate to get to know her from all sides. Think about the image of your life and the style of clothes, so that the fur coat fits perfectly in your bows.

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