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#Veganism – Why i live and love this lifestyle

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Veganism – Why i live and love this lifestyle

I would like to just say i became vegan for the animals only in the beginning but this would be a lie, it was a multitude of factors in the end. I first became a Vegetarian for the animals back in 2010 and i lasted a mediocre 6 weeks before i became ill and resorted back to eating a meat based diet.

So lets start from the beginning, why was i so fat, unhappy and always unhealthy well, I would eat and eat and nothing stopped me. I could go into a buffet and easily finish off 3 plates of food and go back for pudding and then ice cream afterwards. Yes i really could eat a huge amount of food back then.

Wow it makes me cringe to think about it now!!

Now I ve always suffered with weight problems ever since i left school and my weight rocketed from 11 stone to nearly 17 stone at my heaviest. This happened on and off 3 or 4 times till i became Vegan.

Being over weight already comes with it s own risks but couple that with unhealthy relationships, 90 hour working weeks and poor nutrition and what does it spell?

A coronary artery spasm triggering a minor heart attack

Yes at just 29 i had i had this awful experience that i still find it hard to believe. I remember i kept getting banging migraines and i was always tired and stressed. I went to my then employer and asked for some time off, I was a team leader for a support company at the time and my then senior manager really wasn t interested, and working her staff into the ground was her passion in life. So she quit happily refused.

This resulted in me being signed off from work and eventually quiting this company.

So just a few short days after leaving this company i remember being in bed asleep waking to what i thought was an almighty bang and something crashing through the house. I looked around to see what was happening and i couldn t see anything, i was so confused!! then it hit me, like an explosion going off in my chest!!

What on earth was happening, I can still remember that feeling now, The tightness in my chest the pain in my jaw and arm. The only thing i could think was oh no i m going to die!!

Most of that morning still remains a blur, I can remember things like Blood tests and Doctors telling me how i was lucky to be alive with the results i was showing for my BP and HR. How i was lucky it wasn t a major heart attack or a stroke.

Scary stuff to be told really when your so young.

I was told that i had Coronary artery disease and that i would be on medication for thee rest of my life… great just what i needed really. I was informed i would need to start eating healthy and looking after myself and so when i went back home i tried for a while but nothing was helping. My medication was bumped up and i remember it made me so ill, i was putting on more weight and i was having awful nightmares. Nothing i tried was helping.

My Mom had been diagnosed in 2010 with an aggressive form of diabetes and it was proving very difficult to control, at about the same time that i became ill the Doctors had told my mom she needed to start preparing for Dialysis and a possible kidney transplant. My mom outright refused both there and then stating she had lived her life. Her Kidney function had dropped to 21% and the hospital was worried at how fast she was deteriorating, So it was at that point i started googling alternative ways to help my mom become healthy and it was at this point i came across the video on YouTube (reverse your diabetes in 30 days)

Wow how this blew my mind away, Not just for my mom but also myself. i immediately told my mom that i was going veggie and so was she. Again my mom refused, i said to her well if you are not wanting to go down the route of dialysis then you can try this way.

After some persuasion my mom finally came around.

I started reading so much information about vegetarianism and started watching documentaries about how awful the meat industry is and i started to slowly move away from most animal products. It finally hit me when i came across a book called the China study. I was reading how people where reversing their CAD and a numerous host of other illnesses that humans encounter due to a poor nutritional and healthy lifestyle with just nutrition alone.

Hippocrates said “let food be thy medicine” thousands of years ago

I was amazed by all this notion of food curing people and it really hit me hard, I decided at that point i was going to get rid of my medication and adopt as close to vegan lifestyle as possible. I went and told my Doctor the plan and he told me i was crazy and said that CAD couldn t be reversed let alone cured and that i was mad stopping my medication.

I carried on regardless

In just the space of a year i went from 16 stone 7 pounds to a healthy 12 stone i was amazed as i wasn t doing any form of exercise just my care job. At the beginning of 2014 i went for some more tests to see where i was with my health and to every bodies amazement there was no sign of CAD and my HR and BP was better than it had ever been. I was so happy i had done something that i was told couldn t be done.

But i now knew otherwise!

At the end of 2015 my Mom also got some great news she was no longer in renal failure and her results went from a dangerous 21% to a more healthier 54%. The Consultant that she was seeing at the time was amazed and said she had never seen a recovery like this before. I told her about the lifestyle change that my mom had been put on but again another person who said that it could never be down to adopting a plant based lifestyle, My Moms Bloods are now more stable with no major ups and downs. She isn t falling asleep all the time and her pain levels are managed.

Yet the only thing that had changed was her diet

I now only eat a complete vegan diet, My partner Luke is also happily vegan now too. My mom on the other hand has adopted a flexitarian lifestyle and eats Meat on a Sunday only ( i have tried to get rid but she won t have it) and still drinks milk. I m just great full that i now know what i do now about health and nutrition and that when Doctors tell you that most things can t be cured – what they really mean is they can t be cured with westernized medicine.

Your body is a very powerful thing that is capable of so many things if it is provided with all the correct nutrition. Prevention is always better than cure in my mind now, and making steps towards a plant based diet or even adopting more vegan friendly options into your family and you lifestyle isn t hard and provides so many benefits.

When i look back now

I sit and think to myself now about how i used to look at a plate of meat or even a nasty kebab and salivate over it, I think now how disturbing it is seeing a dead animal on a plate and how i used to enjoy consuming it and thinking it was normal. I will never go back to eating anything from an animal. Animals haven t been put on this planet for us to abuse and eat them. I also know now that to get the best out of my life and help i have made the right decision in life not just for me but also for the animals of this planet and the planet itself.

The biggest evil of all

The animal agriculture industry is the biggest evil on this planet and contributes to so many detrimental factors not just on ourselves but also on the environment. If you want to make a positive step for your health, your children s health and the environment for today and the future the best thing you can do is switch to a vegan life style. There are so many tasty and amazing alternatives out there to eating a meat based diet, I now eat more varieties of food than i ever did whilst eating meat and i couldn t feel more happier or proud of what i have achieved.

#Slenderiiz – Burn those pounds, Not your money


Slenderiiz – Burn those pounds, Not your money

So it s a new year and as many people can see, there have been a lot of new years resolutions to get fit, healthy and yes you ve guessed it drop some weight. I myself am included in those resolutions. Whatever your reasons are for your new years resolutions, Summer holiday, dropped the weight gained over the festive period or you just want to become healthier for the new year. I myself am planning a two week trip to Orlando in June to do the Theme Parks and sights with my Partner Luke. Something I ve wanted to do for years.

Stubborn Man handles

If your like me and have still been struggling to lose weight and those stubborn areas of what my Mom always referred to as “Puppy Fat” Then look no further than a one of a kind range from Slenderiiz. The line of consists of 6 different one of a kind products, However I m going to concentrate on my two favorite products that gave me real visible results.

I have tried it all

So over the years my weight has yo-yo d from 11 stone to 17 stone on three occasions. I ve gone through endless health problems due to being overweight and unhealthy. “another story” So as you can believe I ve tried a lot of different weight-loss fads, regimes and, programs. I ve spent that much money i can t even recall it all, However i can remember a few popular ones, I ll list 4 of them below including the most expensive treatment i ever tried.

  • Non-Invasive Lipo which consisted of ultrasonic Cavitation (to breakdown the fat) and then Infrared waves to (tighten up the loose skin after) I bet you can guess where this is going… Zero results and i was gutted!! 450 down the drain.
  • I tried a weight loss program that stretched out over 9 days to help detoxify your system using Aloe vera based supplements – 6 lbs lost and 1 stone gain after 3 weeks,
  • I tried a range of premium capsules which consisted of fruit, veg and berries whilst also supplementing a meal with shakes. Again a 6 lb loss but again i gained the weight back, this time just over a stone.
  • The Atkins diet – Just made me ill

I don t think there is a regime or product i haven t now tried, and not seen any concrete results from any of them… Until i tried the Slenderiiz program!


My starting weight

Finally a product that delivered results

I was shocked and amazed at what i was seeing on the weighing scales from just using this program for a week. I had lost nearly 12 pounds in that week and two inches from my waist line. I went from a 34 to a 32 #Result! What had i changed? Nothing!! I didn t have to mix any shakes, skip meals all i had to do was drink lots of fresh water, incorporate clean eating and take a few drops into my mouth a few times a day before meals. I loved these drops, The taste was amazing, I was not gorging on food as i was previous and i was seeing results. Not only this people could see the results to.


One week later

Taking the United Kingdom by storm

Now everybody is becoming aware of these weight loss drops and seeing fantastic results, There is a whole Facebook page set up for people to post their results and get support and advice with the plan on Slenderiiz. I have yet to see a bad review on them from anyone who has tried the plan. There are even celebrities now using them and posting there results with the Slenderiiz drops.

Benefits of the Slenderiiz program include

  • 100% natural homeopathic product
  • No nasty side effects
  • No skipping meals
  • No mixing shakes
  • Twice as much weight loss
  • One of a kind support network
  • Positive satisfaction with real results
  • Vegan
  • Hormone free

So instead of trying other weight loss programs, and wasting your money then try a program that actually works!

Slenderiiz range