#Puritii – Say goodbye to buying bottled water


Puritii – Say goodbye to buying bottled water

Say hello to the Patent pending Puritii water bottle that changes everything

The Puritii bottle from the Puritii range has landed full force in the bottled water industry, Changing everything you ever thought about only buying bottled water. The Puritii filter is so versatile that it can be used for any source of fresh water world wide. Imagine that when you travel abroad not worry about the contaminated water you could be drinking. Going travelling or hiking and not being able to find a shop to buy water from. You now have an option to replace all that worrying.

Some facts about the worldwide bottled industry

  • The water industry globally is worth a massive 100 billion pounds a year
  • The average yearly price increase of bottled water is 10% per year
  • 50% of all bottled water is from tap water, that is 1 in every 4 bottles from a tap
  • Bottled water isn t regulated
  • The bottled water industry uses 17 million barrels of oil per year to just make the bottles
  • Yearly oil consumption of bottled water is enough to fill 1 million cars per year
  • 3 times more water is needed to actually make the bottle than fill it
  • 12% of water bottles on average are recycled a year
  • 88% of bottles go to either land fill or incineration that is a massive 25 billion bottles wasted
  • The bottled water industry makes on average 86 billion pounds a year in profits

But you still think that your bottled water is a safer alternative to tap water

NRDC tested 103 different brands of bottled water

  • 1 in 5 contained 1 sample per bottle more of bacteria permitted than tap water under microbial guidelines
  • 4% violated the federal bottled water standards
  • 8 samples contained arsenic at levels that would cause potential health concerns
  • Only 2 out 188 companies disclose their water source
  • Plastic chemicals can leach into your water

This all adds up to a lot of concern both for your health and the environment

How does the Puritii bottle change all this?

  • The Puritii bottle surpasses all the NSF required standards for Chlorine removal
  • Bacteria removal of 99.9999% inc (E-coli, Klebsiella, Vibro Cholerae plus many more)
  • Virus removal at 99.99% inc (Coronovirus, Hepatitis A virus, (HAV) Poliovirus, and Polyomavirus)
  • Protozoa removal at 99.99% inc (Cyclospora Cayetensis (cysts) Cryptosporidium Parvum Oocysts and Giardia Lamblia)
  • Parasite removal at 99.99% inc (Ascaris Lumbricoides, Schistosoma, Dracunculus, Medinensis and many more)
  • Chemical reduction inc (waterborne chemicals, Pesticides, VOC s, Chemical pollutants, radioactive substances, medical residues and heavy metals)
  • The Puritii bottle is BPA free, made from medical grade silicon and ABS (used in the piping system)

So by switching to a Puritii bottle instead of a shop brought brand you can rest assured your getting the purest and freshest tasting source of drinking water possible. A Puritii filter costs just an average of 60 which lasts around 3 months. This is equal to drinking 300 bottles of water, which will save you on average 140 in just 3 months.

Water sources that can be filtered and drank from Include

  • Foreign tap water
  • Water from lakes, pond and streams
  • Filters urine
  • Tap water anywhere in Europe and the UK
  • Any fresh water source worldwide

You can see the massive benefits you can reap just by switching to the Puritii bottle, Savings on money, and improvements to your health from drinking more pure water.

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