SEO and Accessibility: Technical SEO [Series Part 3]

SEO and Accessibility: Technical SEO [Series Part 3]

The author’s sights are solely his or her very own (excluding the not likely function of hypnosis) and may well not usually mirror the sights of Moz.

We hope you have enjoyed this series on Search engine optimisation and accessibility. In the closing installment, Cooper reveals you how the technical Website positioning techniques you carry out across your web page can assistance make it a lot more perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.

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Hey, Moz fans. Welcome to the newest version of Whiteboard Friday. I am Cooper Hollmaier. I’ve been performing Website positioning considering that 2016, and today I operate for a big outside retailer aiding our technological Search engine optimization technique come to lifestyle. Thank you so a lot for attending this series on Seo and accessibility.

I hope that you’ve got attained a wide perspective and new recommendations and methods for making written content that not only is resonating with your audience, performs very well in search, but is also accessible to a lot more people. Right now we’re heading to discuss about technological Web optimization and accessibility. 

Technical Website positioning and accessibility

Let us dive in. Very last time we talked about Web Content material Accessibility Suggestions, and you may well bear in mind that the 4 concepts of WCAG are perceivable, operable, understandable, and strong.


As a complex Search engine optimisation, you happen to be possibly most involved with perceivable due to the fact your working day-to-working day functions, your working day-to-working day perform stream consists of building positive that the pages, the articles, the experiences you are creating are accessible to search engines and perceivable to lookup engines. 

A ton of moments when we go by means of Seo suggestions or Web optimization audits, I listen to a great deal of widespread themes, like the header tag is baked into the graphic and so a search engine won’t be able to see it, or the written content I’m developing is seen to bots but it can be not obvious to individuals. These are problems with base level notion. I want you to take that way of thinking and think about if you implement that to your complete viewers as properly. So can all of your people today that are hoping to interact with your provider or product or service or expertise, are they equipped to perceive all the factors you have to give at a base level?

1. Styles

Image of handwritten list of style changes including native text, no keyword stuffing, and color contrast.

Some issues you might be wondering would be very similar to what you would be seeing in this audit, like: Is all of my textual content on the page obvious? Is it active text? Is it indigenous to the web page, so can I select it and copy and paste it, or is it baked into the impression and unreachable by assistive technological know-how or browsers or what have you? You may also be thinking: Is the color contrast to my track record and my textual content, is it the appropriate contrast?

Is there adequate clarity and crispness amongst my layout aspects? If factors appear a very little little bit fuzzy or it can be not pretty very clear that something is available to a lookup engine and a user, go back again to the drawing board and figure out how to make equally of these matters do the job out effectively. 

2. Rich media

Image of handwritten list of rich media improvements.

We also like to insert visuals, textual content, video, and audio to the webpages that we are building for our shoppers. It truly is significant that these loaded things, now that we’re form of earlier the primary textual content and the styling factors, the prosperous components we’re placing on the website page are perceivable by all of your consumers as perfectly. You will find a few of issues we can do to make that materialize. For illustrations or photos, supplying them a textual content substitute and supplying a thing that is in addition to that imagery will help it be observed by a screen reader and recognized by someone who has a visible incapacity.

Also naming points with human-helpful names vs . “DSC1352.JPEG” is heading to assist research engines as nicely as assistive technological know-how see that impression and recognize what it is. On-page context, it is really also important that you place pictures on webpages that increase value. You want to enlighten a user with some further information to give them a tiny little bit more of a experience or give them some far more context on what you might be conversing about. Add photos for price, not just to show up in Google image search. 

What about video? So movie is a tiny bit distinctive. Video has a series of transferring images. So each time I assume about motion, I feel to myself, “How can I make sure that if a consumer wishes to stop this motion, they can?”

Possessing obvious playback controls is important when we are talking about accessibility as effectively as getting a terrific movie participant encounter for any person. In addition, synchronous equivalents for individuals text options. We talked about pictures having text options. Movies need to have textual content possibilities as effectively, but they want to be synchronized to time with that movie. Otherwise they is not going to make perception in context. 

Then earning certain that they are distinguishable. This is the exact among online video and audio. We want to make confident that the foreground and the history are quickly distinguishable from a single one more. If your video clip feels muddy, if your audio feels muddy and it will take me straining my ear or straining my eyes to be able to see that information and have an understanding of what is actually happening, you need to have to be a minimal bit a lot more crisp, a minimal little bit more clear on those people two distinctions.

Then textual content transcripts. Just like you have to have shut captions for films, for audio you want to have a textual content transcript, so if I’m possibly in a loud area and I are unable to hear the audio or I never have my headphones plugged in or I necessary to use assistive technology, I’m equipped to access that audio. 

These are all factors that you are going to be seeing as you are examining code as a complex Search engine optimization and you need to be informed of.

If you really don’t have these issues heading on, on your website, I would empower you to ask all those thoughts, the difficult inquiries like: Hey, is there a text substitute to this picture? How will a individual with a visual disability, how will a person with an auditory disability obtain these factors? 

3. Website page structure

Photo of hand drawn images comparing different page structures.

3 and 4 are about page composition and semantic HTML. So this is a minimal little bit much less about is this perceivable and is it kind of comprehensible.

It is really kind of grazing the comprehensible, but it should be a minor bit about perception, far too. Possessing a bunch of H1s on a web page, as you can envision, a lookup motor could possibly perceive as very puzzled, appropriate? They’re like, okay, there’s a bunch of H1s on this web page. I am not truly certain what this page is about. Adding composition and cascading headings to signify mother or father-boy or girl associations is likely to help your material be a minor little bit additional perceivable. It is heading to be simpler to realize what is occurring. 

4. Semantic HTML

Identical detail with semantic HTML. We tend to set plenty of divs and spans and unidentifiable things in our HTML. But by marking them up in much more appropriate techniques, so that we realize what their that means is, have an understanding of what individuals tags incorporate, whether it’s navigation or varieties or tables, providing that excess layer of info and understandability is heading to allow for look for engines and assistive know-how to be equipped to parse as a result of people things, to enable them to understand the issues you happen to be putting on your website page that are various from a single one more and provide a richer working experience.


Ok, so we are ready to understand the content. But how do we make sure that it’s operable? 

1. HTML sitemaps

Photo of hand drawn HTML sitemap example.

A couple of Website positioning recommendations that I often see men and women generating are establish an HTML sitemap and place breadcrumbs on your page. A ton of occasions you may possibly get some pushback from that. The HTML site map is super vital we know for Website positioning, for discoverability of all those web pages deep in our website’s hierarchy.

We know that breadcrumbs are also pretty equally important for discoverability. Both equally of these components support consumers with assistive engineering better navigate the internet site. The HTML site map makes it possible for for if your menu will not include all the internet pages on your web site or if it truly is puzzling or you might be using JavaScript or some other technology which is not accessible to my tech stack.

2. Breadcrumbs

Photo of hand drawn breadcrumbs example.

Then breadcrumbs make it possible for me to parse up and down the particular let us say it is a item look for site on an e-commerce internet site without obtaining to go again to the menu and then parse by way of every one menu product once again. So these two are super essential for navigation but also particularly for people who are navigating with a keyboard and utilizing assistive technological innovation.

3. Create keyboard-1st

Photo of hand drawn computer and keyboard.

Then a non-Website positioning point but significant nonetheless and relatable, develop your internet site and your knowledge keyboard very first. Not absolutely everyone has a mouse or the potential to use a mouse for the reason that of a motion incapacity or since of an impairment or mainly because of a absence of engineering or hardware. So make absolutely sure you create keyboard first, and you might be likely to form of encapsulate much more of people men and women that you’re seeking to encapsulate with your viewers.

Easy to understand

1. Language

Photo of handwritten HTML code specifying LANG=

Understandable. So we discuss about in global Search engine marketing, when we are dealing with different international locations and diverse languages, how crucial it is to use the HTML on our website page to signify what the language of the web page is. It can help research engines present the appropriate final results in the suitable possibly national or intercontinental context. It also will help display readers browse your information aloud in the suitable language.

2. Navigational structure

Photo of hand drawn web page examples.

Then navigational layout and interstitials I believe are pretty common, but nobody likes a navigation or a format of a site that is baffling. The much easier you make it, the less complicated it is for men and women to convert or do what you are looking for them to do with this site, irrespective of whether it is find out, no matter if it truly is buy, no matter whether it is really engage in a support. Which is a lot easier when the navigation and layout is streamlined and we are not applying distinctive terms in distinctive areas to imply the exact same matter. It truly is even much more vital for persons with assistive technology. 

3. Interstitials

Photo of hand drawn page with an

Interstitials, nobody likes these pop-ups in our experience, that don’t let us to look through the relaxation of the web-site. Google doesn’t adore them both. But primarily individuals with assistive technological know-how, if we’re not managing all those pop-ups in the right way, we’re going to stop up in a situation where consumers may possibly be in a keyboard lure and they are not able to get out of the interstitial, or they really don’t recognize that an interstitial is even put up on the page. So it truly is important to be quite conscious when applying interstitials. 


Last but not least is strong. How do we make confident that the written content we’re placing on the site is suitable for a significant wide range of devices and eventualities? 

1. Validation

Photo of hand drawn example of JSON+LD validation.

Just using proper HTML is a significant way to do this. You can use a validator and you can search at your HTML, your CSS, and your JSON-LD. Creating the appropriate code and primarily when you happen to be making use of semantic HTML as effectively furnishing indicating to that code, you happen to be going to have a lot improved working experience and every thing your developing is a lot more digestible. 

2. Responsive

Photo of hand drawn image of web pages resizing for mobile, medium screens, and large screens.

Is your website responsive? You really should be carrying out this currently. But if you might be not, make positive it’s functioning on a mobile and a desktop and a tablet system and the format stays the exact, it can be just probably resized or re-imaged in a diverse way.

3. Interactable

Photo of hand drawn web page with arrows to indicate different interactions available.

Make positive it’s interactable. If a consumer wishes to be in a position to zoom in for the reason that they have a visual incapacity or they want to be capable to transform the colours, does your technology on your website let them to do that? It ought to. If you do these a few items on the bottom, I imagine it’s going to do a lot of large lifting and you are heading to have to do a whole lot significantly less work due to the fact you have variety of designed in the framework, the foundation to be available.

That’s complex Website positioning and accessibility. If you have extra thoughts or want some validation tools, there are some on the suitable-hand facet listed here, or you can strike me up on Twitter @cooperhollmaier for some extra advice. But thank you so much for listening to Whiteboard Friday and accessibility along with Search engine optimization. I hope that you take this and you become more and far more inclusive in the way that you might be doing Web optimization in the long run.

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