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With the term roofing we call the sloping roofs of the building that are made for the protection of the whole construction and consist mainly of tiles with wooden frame but also concrete slabs or metal sheets.

Roof shape

The construction of a roof in terms of its form consists of one or more sloping levels depending on the architectural design of the building. The configuration of roofing materials are divided into flat roofs and sloping roofs. The flat ones have a slope of up to 5-7%, the medium ones up to 45% and the large slopes over 45%.

The slope plays a big role in the roofs depending on the area where they are built because if there is no proper slope the water if some details are not paid will pass through our construction.

The highest point is called the ridge. This is where all the sloping roof levels connect. If the height is chosen incorrectly, there is a risk that the roof will not serve the period for which the master of the house has been calculated. The ridge height parameters must strictly comply with the technological process.

Tips for the maintenance of wooden roofs

Wooden roofs need maintenance to maintain excellent condition and extend their life. There are many techniques and methods of maintenance, something very simple that can be done by the owner of a roof is to clean it.

In order to keep a roof in good condition, it is considered necessary to clean it from tree leaves, pine needles, branches and various other objects that accumulate over time. The ideal is to clean at the end of summer, before the onset of autumn rains.

Cleaning the roof is important because the objects that accumulate delay the flow of water when it rains. The larger the volume of the objects, the greater the delay in the flow of water. Objects that accumulate in conjunction with water retention lead to moisture retention, which favors the growth of various fungi that wear out and gradually destroy a roof. Restricting them increases the lifespan of your roof.

The importance of roof insulation

Roof insulation is a very important factor to ensure a comfortable living in a home. Insulation significantly reduces unwanted loss or increase in temperature and can also reduce the energy required by heating and cooling systems.

The insulation of a building concerns the walls, the windows and of course the roof, the places where they are most exposed to the weather.

Insulation to be effective should be done with the right materials to ensure maximum protection and of course you should trust the right professional with knowledge, experience and ability.

Roof repair will be unavoidable when the factors for maximum thermal insulation of a roof have not been observed.

The roof is always in a house something special and architecturally characterizes a building.

However, it is also a part of the building that needs frequent inspection to make sure that you will not have moisture problems inside the house.

Depending on how the roof is constructed we can tell if a check needs to be made often. Maintenance is the next step after inspecting the roof.

The most basic element of a roof or one of the most basic is the slope of the roof. The steeper the slope the better because that way it has no problems in rain and snow.

Of course, all this presupposes that the construction has been done correctly from the beginning. Quite often I am called to do a check on roofs that have problems.

Apart from the usual damage that exists and it is logical that I have seen a lot of mistakes in the construction of roofs. Some are not just mistakes they are flaws that should not have existed.

What we need to do now for proper roofing maintenance

Here are some key pointers in moving forward on roofing maintenance.

  • Check for broken or cracked tiles.
  • Check for detached tiles.
  • If the gutters on the roof are open so that the water leaves freely.
  • If we have inverted beams we must check that their surface is watertight.
  • In the joint of tiles with inverted beams there should be proper coverage of the tiles with cement mortar and waterproofing with suitable materials.
  • Roof gutters should be open and not clogged with leaves and other materials. Where there are plastic pipes, solar panels, roof windows should be very well sealed all around
  • Also in the gutters, the tiles on the right and left should be closed with mud and waterproofing material. I have seen many times to use polyurethane foam to fill the nests of tiles. Polyurethane foam offers nothing in this case.

There are other things we need to check that are more detailed and require knowledge and experience to locate.

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