#Reviive – A Toothpaste safe for the whole family



Reviive – A Toothpaste safe for the whole family

In today s market we are bombarded with adverts for Toothpaste and for every different kind of mouth and condition you can think of. You go to the shop and it just gets worse, There are now so many ranges of toothpaste you can t even list them all. But how can you be sure of which one to purchase. Most people usually go for the one that they see on the television the most. As you usually hear in your head the statement recommended by dentists and you believe as a customer that what your buying is safe and effective.

A poison called Fluoride

When you ask the general public they will tell you that Fluoride is good for Teeth, I even had a debate with one person when she tried to tell me that Fluoride is in fact a “super food” and that every one should be ingesting it, Needles to say i don t take dietary advice from her. So what in fact is Fluoride? Yes this is part true, Calcium Fluoride is good for teeth and is naturally present in water, However what is added to our toothpaste is Sodium Fluoride a Yellow poisonous and highly corrosive gas – So why on earth is it in so many of our products?

Studies have shown various symptoms resulting from a sharp intake of Sodium Fluoride, Below are just a few interesting highlights

  • 0.3 ppm – Over 21% of dental Fluorosis in at least two teeth
  • Up to 1 ppm or more – Fluoride accumulation of the Pineal gland
  • 1 ppm – Early menstruation in girls 48% dental Fluorosis
  • 1.7 ppm – Confirmed cases of skeletal Fluorosis in people with a kidney deficiency
  • 1.8 ppm – Decreased I.Q
  • 2.3 ppm – reduces the functioning of the Thyroid gland
  • 3.0 ppm – Reduction of female fertility
  • 4.0 to 4.3 ppm – Reduction in bone density in the cortical bone (other part of bones) increased cases of bone fractures in humans.

So why is it added to Toothpaste if it s already in our water

There is so much controversy as to why it is added to our toothpaste when there is already a natural source of Calcium Fluoride already present in water. But nobody can agree just why this is, In most countries it is even banned because of it s toxicity. In the early 90 s it was also added to water to help with the huge amount of dental decay cases that happened to be occurring and whilst it did appear to be helping in reduction of the cases it was in fact just down to people becoming more aware of just how important dental hygiene was.

What about all the other toxic ingredients

So if Fluoride wasn t enough to make you think again then what about the other nastiness that come in most branded toothpastes, here are just a few.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – A cheap chemical used to bulk up your product and to clean your teeth – This also strips the natural enamel barrier of your teeth contributing to cavities and tooth erosion.
  • Propylene Glycol – Added to stop your toothpaste from freezing whilst in transport the same stuff you ll find in your car anti-freeze – linked to Skin irritations and numerous other health concerns
  • Parabens – Are cheap preservatives used to extend the shelf life of your toothpaste – These are linked to Hormone disruption and various other health concerns

So why allow this Poison into your children s mouth

So from all the evidence that can be found online and in health magazines it s a wonder why people still use so many brands of toothpaste that contain Fluoride, And why if it s so toxic to an adult then why would you allow a child to use such a toxic product. Don t believe all the hype that Fluoride is good for your children s health or teeth. There is a health warning that states if you swallow Fluoride to go immediately to the Hospital and poison control. But it s still in your toothpaste…

A natural alternative from the Reviive range

There are natural alternatives popping up now so there are options for you to go chemical free. Today with the toxic lives that most people live and are exposed to in their day to day living you should minimize as much as possible the amount of toxic chemicals that you knowingly put into your system and that of your children. The Reviive Toothpaste from the Reviive range is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients with benefits that include,

  • Natural mild abrasive calcium carbonate to clean your teeth gently
  • Hydrated silica to keep your teeth sparkly
  • Flavored with peppermint and vanilla
  • Free from PEGS
  • Free from SLS
  • Free from Parabens
  • Free from Propylene Glycol
  • Safe for all the family
  • Free from Fluoride
  • Great for gum disease

It s not difficult to make the change

So make the switch today and stay sane of mind knowing that yourself and your family have nothing to worry about when using the Reviive toothpaste. The more natural products that you can change to the better, I can t endorse enough switching to natural products! Check out the link below to find the Toothpaste from Reviive.

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