Priime Oils – A one of a kind essential oil range


Priime Oils – A one of a kind essential oil range

With so many everyday benefits it s surprising that I never knew much about essential oils apart from the fact that they smelt so nice. I never knew that they possessed so many benefits and are of course natural. I am an advocate of always using where possible natural alternatives to items that you use everyday.

There are so many essential oils out there currently that can be pretty much used for anything from cleaning, massage, therapeutic and even beauty.

So many different uses

However as with most products out there you need to find a range that is reliable and trust worthy from a reputable company. I have recently been introduced to a range from Priime that are absolutely amazing, There is four different blends in the range and have multi-purpose uses. In the range there is also an additional carrier oil which has dietary properties.

Natural – Powerful – Simple

“Between a hectic schedule, work responsibilities, and family commitments, Your days can be down-right over whelming. Making it difficult to know exactly what to do when life is out of balance. Priime is the simple, natural solution that covers innumerable concerns to to restore peace and harmony. we ve taken the complex yet powerful world of essential oils and simplified it to provide you with the widest spectrum of safe and effective care” (Taken from the Priime oil range brochure)

The Priime range includes

  • Calm – The Relaxing blend – Which I have covered in this earlier post Calm oil post
  • Ice – The soothing blend – I will cover in a later post
  • Escape – The relieving blend – I will cover in a later post
  • Sentry – The defensive blend – I will cover in a later post
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil – Dietary supplement and carrier oil – I will cover in a later post

Priime oils contain only the highest quality ingredients from around the world that are Organic and tested for any impurities in with every batch. Priime oils are easy to use and address multiple and specific complaints as well as a numerous amount of other benefits.

“Each and every drop in every bottle contains infinite benefits”

You can find the Priime range at the link below

Priime oils range

What are the benefits of Maitake mushrooms?

Maitake mushroom

What are the benefits of Maitake mushrooms?

Here are just a few benefits of this amazing Mushroom

  • Maitake mushroom is highly valued for its medicinal properties.
  • Although it is a popular ingredient of Japanese cuisine, the popularity of the mushroom has increased worldwide primarily because of its healing properties.
  • An excellent source of protein, fibers, potassium and B vitamins and vitamin D.
  • Maitake mushroom is one of the healthiest foods on the planet.
  • Scientific studies have highlighted a number of health benefits of consuming maitake mushrooms.

Improves blood sugar management

Traditionally, maitake mushroom is used as a remedy for diabetes.

  • Maitake Mushrooms contain anti-diabetic mechanisms
  • Contain a powerful compound called MT-Alpha-Glucan which increases insulin sensitivity
  • Improves the function of the pancreas
  • Improves insulin producing cells which reduce postprandial and fasting blood sugar levels

Lowers high blood cholesterol

  • Increases the excretion of Cholesterol in the Body naturally
  • Contains lipid lowering compounds that work on a genetic level
  • Promote the activity of gene lowering lipids in the liver

Reduces high blood pressure

  • Maitake mushrooms reduce age related hypertension
  • Inhibits the lipid build up in blood vessels

Benefits PCOS Patients

Poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common cause of infertility in women.

  • Clinical studies in Japan have shown that maitake mushroom helps in stimulating ovulation in women suffering from PCOS.
  • Maitake mushroom works by increasing sensitivity to insulin, which helps in inducing ovulation.

Shrinks Uterine Fibroids

Maitake mushroom can also help in reducing the size of uterine fibroids.

  • This healing property of maitake mushroom is primarily attributed to its high vitamin D content.
  • Vitamin D helps in inhibiting development of uterine fibroid s.

Reduces Chronic Fatigue

  • Impairment of the immune system is considered to be a major cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Maitake mushroom is a powerful immune booster.
  • Polysaccharides, especially beta-D-glucan, present in the mushroom stimulates the immune system, which helps in reducing chronic fatigue.

Fights Seasonal Allergies

  • Maitake mushroom also helps in fighting seasonal allergies.
  • It works as an immune modulator and helps in reducing sensitivity to allergens.
  • Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory property of the medicinal mushroom helps in providing relief from inflammation of the sinuses and airways caused by allergic reactions.

Helps in Weight Management

  • According to experimental studies, maitake mushroom helps in weight loss.
  • The lipid lowering effect of the mushroom inhibits accumulation of fats.
  • By increasing sensitivity to insulin it helps in stabilizing the blood sugar level that helps in reducing sugar cravings.
  • Adding maitake mushroom to your daily diet can help in reducing excess calorie intake.

Prevent Cancer Tumor Growth

  • Maitake mushroom is also beneficial for cancer patients.
  • It stimulates production of the natural killer cells, T cells and macro-phages that help in destroying the cancer cells.
  • Studies have shown that maitake mushroom extract helps in inhibiting growth of liver, lung and breast cancer tumors.

Fights HIV Infection

  • Experimental studies have shown that the mushroom can help in inhibiting replication of the HIV virus.
  • Therefore, it is beneficial for people suffering from AIDS.
  • Maitake mushroom stimulates production of the T-cells that help in killing the HIV virus.

Reduces Side Effects of Chemotherapy

  • Studies have shown that side effects of chemotherapy such as hair loss and nausea can be reduced by taking maitake mushroom.
  • Furthermore, maitake mushroom works synergistic-ally with the chemotherapy drugs and helps in improving the outcome of the treatment.

Reduces Oxidative Stress

  • Oxidation stress is a common cause of chronic diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis and Alzheimer s disease.
  • Maitake mushroom contains powerful antioxidant compounds that by neutralizing free radicals help in reducing oxidation stress.


  • Including maitake mushroom in your daily diet can also help in easing bowel movement.
  • Fiber present in the mushroom helps in holding moisture in the bowel and stimulates movement of the colon muscles that help in eliminating the digestive wastes.

Prevents Vitamin D Deficiency

  • Maitake mushroom is especially valued as one of the best dietary sources of vitamin D.
  • The mushroom absorbs sunlight and converts it into vitamin D.
  • It contains more than sufficient amount of vitamin D for meeting your body s demand for this essential nutrient.

As you can see the Maitake mushroom has a vast amount of benefits and is included in the MOA supplement drink at Clinical dosage. This means that you never receive an inferior, watered-down or cheapened product. Just simply take 1-2 shots a day to receive maximum benefits. The Moa range is also tasted with every batch to guarantee there are never any pesticides, chemicals or toxins inside and where available organic products are always used.

You can find and purchase the MOA drink at the link below

Nutrifii range

#Reviive Body Wash – A Body wash suitable for even the most sensitive of skin

bodywash (1)

Reviive – A Body wash suitable for even the most sensitive of skin

As you can gather from my earlier posts i am an advocate of natural and organic products, With our every day life we are bombarded with so many toxic chemicals. They come from every different area you can think of, Food and water we ingest, the air we breath and even the chemicals we put onto our body. This combination of nasty chemicals can have very negative effects on our skin and health.

So many people suffer from skin sensitivity and other skin issues these days, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema are just a few of the issues that so many people suffer from currently.

Everyday more and more people turn to chemical laden products in hope of ridding the symptoms of these conditions. Most people never knowing that most of these ailments are aggravated even more so when you bathe and shower through a combination of the chemicals that are in your bathing water and the chemicals in the products you use, both of which can massively aggravate and increase the severity in many of these conditions.

Not all products are the same you think?

I ve spoken to a few people before and they have said how they use Baby products as these contain no nasty chemicals – Well how wrong could they have been? We have seen in the news recently a company finally admitting that the products they produce that are specifically produced for new born babies contain chemicals that can cause cancer. So if a product designed for babies can contain such harmful ingredients can you even begin to imagine what a product that is suitable for adults could possibly contain?

Most products on the market now contain a right chemical cocktail of ingredients and as we should all know by now we need to avoid as many of these as possible.

Ones to look out for include

  • Pegs
  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates
  • Parabens

Most companies are now trying to mislead people into believing that their products are now safe by using words such as contains organic and natural ingredients because they have now included a few organic and natural ingredients or by saying they have removed some of the nasty chemicals in the products they produce. However this couldn t be further from the truth if people just become a little more educated in the chemicals that go into some of these products still. Just turn over and take a look at the ingredient list and i m sure you will be shocked if you really knew what these chemicals included are and what they can do to your health.

Products are now available that are completely made from natural origin and plant sources and you can even make them yourself if you have the time.

I used to make my own natural products and was even selling them at one point however this was very time consuming, however i then discovered the Reviive range of products and did my research and made the switch. I now only use the Reviive products as i can have 100% faith that they are the best products i can purchase and are suitable for everyday use and every member of the family.

Why should you make the change to the Reviive range?

Well as i do so much research into products and ingredients i have done all the searching for you. There is no guessing work or companies miss leading you with big words. I have tried a lot of different products in my time but non have left my skin feeling as great as the Reviive body wash. Ingredients that are used are from plant based origins and are derived from such sources as White tea, Coconut oil and sweet blue lupin.

Benefits of the Reviive body wash are

  • Organic ingredients
  • 100% Natural product
  • PEG free
  • Sulfate free
  • Family safe
  • Paraben free
  • Vegan and Cruelty free
  • Phthalate free
  • PBA free

You can find the Reviive body wash in the Reviive range at the following link below

Reviive range


#Reviive – A Toothpaste safe for the whole family



Reviive – A Toothpaste safe for the whole family

In today s market we are bombarded with adverts for Toothpaste and for every different kind of mouth and condition you can think of. You go to the shop and it just gets worse, There are now so many ranges of toothpaste you can t even list them all. But how can you be sure of which one to purchase. Most people usually go for the one that they see on the television the most. As you usually hear in your head the statement recommended by dentists and you believe as a customer that what your buying is safe and effective.

A poison called Fluoride

When you ask the general public they will tell you that Fluoride is good for Teeth, I even had a debate with one person when she tried to tell me that Fluoride is in fact a “super food” and that every one should be ingesting it, Needles to say i don t take dietary advice from her. So what in fact is Fluoride? Yes this is part true, Calcium Fluoride is good for teeth and is naturally present in water, However what is added to our toothpaste is Sodium Fluoride a Yellow poisonous and highly corrosive gas – So why on earth is it in so many of our products?

Studies have shown various symptoms resulting from a sharp intake of Sodium Fluoride, Below are just a few interesting highlights

  • 0.3 ppm – Over 21% of dental Fluorosis in at least two teeth
  • Up to 1 ppm or more – Fluoride accumulation of the Pineal gland
  • 1 ppm – Early menstruation in girls 48% dental Fluorosis
  • 1.7 ppm – Confirmed cases of skeletal Fluorosis in people with a kidney deficiency
  • 1.8 ppm – Decreased I.Q
  • 2.3 ppm – reduces the functioning of the Thyroid gland
  • 3.0 ppm – Reduction of female fertility
  • 4.0 to 4.3 ppm – Reduction in bone density in the cortical bone (other part of bones) increased cases of bone fractures in humans.

So why is it added to Toothpaste if it s already in our water

There is so much controversy as to why it is added to our toothpaste when there is already a natural source of Calcium Fluoride already present in water. But nobody can agree just why this is, In most countries it is even banned because of it s toxicity. In the early 90 s it was also added to water to help with the huge amount of dental decay cases that happened to be occurring and whilst it did appear to be helping in reduction of the cases it was in fact just down to people becoming more aware of just how important dental hygiene was.

What about all the other toxic ingredients

So if Fluoride wasn t enough to make you think again then what about the other nastiness that come in most branded toothpastes, here are just a few.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – A cheap chemical used to bulk up your product and to clean your teeth – This also strips the natural enamel barrier of your teeth contributing to cavities and tooth erosion.
  • Propylene Glycol – Added to stop your toothpaste from freezing whilst in transport the same stuff you ll find in your car anti-freeze – linked to Skin irritations and numerous other health concerns
  • Parabens – Are cheap preservatives used to extend the shelf life of your toothpaste – These are linked to Hormone disruption and various other health concerns

So why allow this Poison into your children s mouth

So from all the evidence that can be found online and in health magazines it s a wonder why people still use so many brands of toothpaste that contain Fluoride, And why if it s so toxic to an adult then why would you allow a child to use such a toxic product. Don t believe all the hype that Fluoride is good for your children s health or teeth. There is a health warning that states if you swallow Fluoride to go immediately to the Hospital and poison control. But it s still in your toothpaste…

A natural alternative from the Reviive range

There are natural alternatives popping up now so there are options for you to go chemical free. Today with the toxic lives that most people live and are exposed to in their day to day living you should minimize as much as possible the amount of toxic chemicals that you knowingly put into your system and that of your children. The Reviive Toothpaste from the Reviive range is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients with benefits that include,

  • Natural mild abrasive calcium carbonate to clean your teeth gently
  • Hydrated silica to keep your teeth sparkly
  • Flavored with peppermint and vanilla
  • Free from PEGS
  • Free from SLS
  • Free from Parabens
  • Free from Propylene Glycol
  • Safe for all the family
  • Free from Fluoride
  • Great for gum disease

It s not difficult to make the change

So make the switch today and stay sane of mind knowing that yourself and your family have nothing to worry about when using the Reviive toothpaste. The more natural products that you can change to the better, I can t endorse enough switching to natural products! Check out the link below to find the Toothpaste from Reviive.

Reviive link

#Calm – No more bed time Anxiety


Calm – No more bed time Anxiety

If your like me and have had those nights, or even days when you just can t sleep or relax. Racing thoughts, Pulsing heart beat and at your wits end. Then at some point you may have reached out to your Doctors for medication, The chemist for sleeping tablets and tried everything you can think of to get a descent nights sleep.

“I know i have”

The natural approaches

For as long as i can remember i have had difficulties drifting off to sleep, and if for any reason i have to be up early for an appointment, meeting etc you can bet i won t be getting any sleep. When i used to have to get up at 5 am for work in the morning i used to resort to taking sleeping tablets and i know just how much of a bad effect these can have on your system and health. I tried taking calms and other herbal remedies, and even though these helped make me less anxious they usually ended up making me feel all hot and bothered after about an hour.

“The amount of nights I ve had that have resulted in me not being able to sleep have been endless”.

I had no success with tablets

I never knew much about the benefits of essential oils until i was watching some amazing training on the (benefits of using essential oils in your everyday life). My previous experience of them had been to just use them to make the room smell nice, “Oh how i was so naive to not look more into them”. After the training had finished i ordered the complete range and thought about all the numerous ways i could implement them into my everyday life.

“I held out on being fully optimistic about the Calm drops thinking can it really have the benefits i was hearing”

“The calm blend is essential for relaxation, promotes restful sleep and can aid in reducing irritability and frustration whilst helping you feel more grounded and at peace”

I was so excited when my drops turned up, i couldn t wait for that night to try them out. I had purchased some glass spray jars previously to use to dilute the drops for a spray to mist my bedding and room. Tater that night after a shower i did just that. I sprayed my room, curtains and bedding. I rubbed a few drops onto my wrists and the soles of my feet and settled down to go to sleep…

Wait what had happened?

The next day i woke up, i was shocked! they had actually really worked and i felt so refreshed and invigorated!! (success). I can t even remember falling asleep, These natural drops had managed to do what i thought could never be done, Aided me in getting a great nights sleep with no anxiety or difficulty to report of.

I m not stopping them now

I ve been using these drops for a month now and i have implemented them in so any ways into my life. I ve even given friends some samples for them to use on their children who just won t settle, Babies that just seem to never want to sleep. I ve even had one friend tell me how her dog was always anxious when being left alone in her house and now before she leaves will spray her house and her dogs bed with the calm blend and now when she comes back home the Dog is so much more relaxed and happy to see her.

Other uses I ve found and implemented are

  • Few drops on a cotton wool ball in the tumble dryer with bedding, towels and night clothes
  • For using to freshen bedding
  • Spraying in Children s rooms before bedtime
  • Mixing with coconut oil and a moisturizer before bed
  • Mixing in a perfume/aftershave roller with some coconut oil to rub on wrists when anxious and stressed
  • Few drops in a bath to relax and unwind
  • Exams or tests then spray a few drops on your clothes
  • Use instead of artificial chemical room sprays and air fresheners
  • Use in oil burners

I could probably go on with a list of alternative uses, However if you suffer from anxiety, stress, sleepless nights and find it difficult settling down, have children who struggle to sleep through the night, Then i really can t recommend these drops enough! They are a natural alternative to many alternative methods that people try that can come with so many different health issues from long term use.

I hope that this post can help assist you in whatever struggles you have had with sleep, anxiety and anxiousness.

Priime range

#Slenderiiz – Burn those pounds, Not your money


Slenderiiz – Burn those pounds, Not your money

So it s a new year and as many people can see, there have been a lot of new years resolutions to get fit, healthy and yes you ve guessed it drop some weight. I myself am included in those resolutions. Whatever your reasons are for your new years resolutions, Summer holiday, dropped the weight gained over the festive period or you just want to become healthier for the new year. I myself am planning a two week trip to Orlando in June to do the Theme Parks and sights with my Partner Luke. Something I ve wanted to do for years.

Stubborn Man handles

If your like me and have still been struggling to lose weight and those stubborn areas of what my Mom always referred to as “Puppy Fat” Then look no further than a one of a kind range from Slenderiiz. The line of consists of 6 different one of a kind products, However I m going to concentrate on my two favorite products that gave me real visible results.

I have tried it all

So over the years my weight has yo-yo d from 11 stone to 17 stone on three occasions. I ve gone through endless health problems due to being overweight and unhealthy. “another story” So as you can believe I ve tried a lot of different weight-loss fads, regimes and, programs. I ve spent that much money i can t even recall it all, However i can remember a few popular ones, I ll list 4 of them below including the most expensive treatment i ever tried.

  • Non-Invasive Lipo which consisted of ultrasonic Cavitation (to breakdown the fat) and then Infrared waves to (tighten up the loose skin after) I bet you can guess where this is going… Zero results and i was gutted!! 450 down the drain.
  • I tried a weight loss program that stretched out over 9 days to help detoxify your system using Aloe vera based supplements – 6 lbs lost and 1 stone gain after 3 weeks,
  • I tried a range of premium capsules which consisted of fruit, veg and berries whilst also supplementing a meal with shakes. Again a 6 lb loss but again i gained the weight back, this time just over a stone.
  • The Atkins diet – Just made me ill

I don t think there is a regime or product i haven t now tried, and not seen any concrete results from any of them… Until i tried the Slenderiiz program!


My starting weight

Finally a product that delivered results

I was shocked and amazed at what i was seeing on the weighing scales from just using this program for a week. I had lost nearly 12 pounds in that week and two inches from my waist line. I went from a 34 to a 32 #Result! What had i changed? Nothing!! I didn t have to mix any shakes, skip meals all i had to do was drink lots of fresh water, incorporate clean eating and take a few drops into my mouth a few times a day before meals. I loved these drops, The taste was amazing, I was not gorging on food as i was previous and i was seeing results. Not only this people could see the results to.


One week later

Taking the United Kingdom by storm

Now everybody is becoming aware of these weight loss drops and seeing fantastic results, There is a whole Facebook page set up for people to post their results and get support and advice with the plan on Slenderiiz. I have yet to see a bad review on them from anyone who has tried the plan. There are even celebrities now using them and posting there results with the Slenderiiz drops.

Benefits of the Slenderiiz program include

  • 100% natural homeopathic product
  • No nasty side effects
  • No skipping meals
  • No mixing shakes
  • Twice as much weight loss
  • One of a kind support network
  • Positive satisfaction with real results
  • Vegan
  • Hormone free

So instead of trying other weight loss programs, and wasting your money then try a program that actually works!

Slenderiiz range

#Reviive – Say hello to hair vitality


Reviive – Say hello to hair vitality

As a global population we spend 230 billion a year on beauty products, From that we spent an estimated 80 billion on Hair care products in 2015 alone. This is set to increase every year by billions of pounds. But are we as a consumer really getting what we paid for?. You see all these advertisements coming from left right and center with new innovative ingredients designed to give you even more luscious locks of hair. Stories coming from magazines, editors and reporters who are paid expensive holidays and bonuses to write miss-leading information, To do anything they can to get you to buy a product that will also benefit them.

Beauty products are now seen on television nearly as much as the food industry and its easy to see why with the profits that this industry brings to the companies that produce such products.

Hair care products are designed to nourish and keep hair free from tangles, daily damage from pollution and other factoring problems which can lead to dry and brittle hair. The hair care business sector consists of a large number of items, for example, cleanser, conditioners, serums, colorants, and so forth. These are made out of both natural and manufactured synthetic ingredients.

In today s way of life, beautiful hair is a statement that depicts the thought of keeping up a young youthful appearance, and this element firmly impacts buying choices among customers.

But do we really know what actually goes into our products?

You hear all the time about ingredients being found to cause problems to your health and wellness and many times people just turn a blind eye to warnings in hope of maintaining the hair they have paid out so much to keep maintained. But if you really knew about some of these toxic items that are in these products you would be horrified. Out of all these ingredients that go into making that 1 bottle of product maybe a small percentage are actually needed to help clean and maintain your hair. The rest are purely added to bulk up the contents, make them cheaper to produce, smell nicer, appear nicer and finally to make them last longer.

What should we be looking out for and avoiding

When you reach for that product that you ve seen on a Television advert or read in a glossy magazine, don t be fooled by statements such as made with “organic extracts or no harsh chemicals” These statements are usually employed to confuse and mislead you as most will still contain a multitude of harmful ingredients. People need to just spend a little more time researching and becoming wiser to what we are all being fooled into buying.

A list of Chemicals that should be avoided include

  • Dimethicone – Is a Silicone based oil used to coat your hair and make it appear more shinier and softer. This can carry side effects such as irritation to your scalp and skin, including break outs of acne and spots.
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate or SLS – Are cheap chemicals added to your hair care products to produce that foaming action that cleans and strips your hair of all the oil and dirt build up. Most people don t realize this but surfactants have the side effect of also removing the essential oils out of your hair resulting in your hair drying out and even in worse case scenarios loss of hair.
  • Sodium Chloride – While not a toxic chemical this is added to increase the thickness of the product to make it feel like a more premium product – Side effects include dry and itchy scalp and yes you ve guessed it again, hair loss. People who also have keratin treatments should avoid this ingredient in products as it reduces the benefits of your treatment faster.
  • Parabens – Known for their toxic nature these chemicals are added to prolong shelf life of the product and side effects can include irritations to skin, scalp and eyes and can even effect your hormone balance from long term usage.
  • Propylene Glycol – Which i think everybody knows now is used in anti-freeze that you put into your car but still finds its way into so many everyday products. This is added to the product to stop it from freezing whilst in transit during shipping. Nasty side effects from this product include skin irritation, severe allergic reactions and even alteration of the skin structure itself.
  • Synthetic ingredients – Including fragrances, perfumes and colors are added for various reasons. To make a product smell nicer, appear nicer, feel nicer and cheaper to produce. Just alone synthetic fragrances can have over 3000 different chemicals alone that can be added to your products. There is an endless list of negative effects that can happen to your health with these artificial chemicals.

There is plenty more different ingredients that are bad for you but I ve just listed a few of the main ones

There really is no need for all the chemicals in the products you use anymore there are varieties that are coming out now that are completely made from organic and natural ingredients. But always do your checking, i remember when i first became aware of natural products and chemicals. I was a rep for a massive Network marketing company that based their products on the Aloe Vera plant, and they always portrayed their products to be completely natural and i was lured in by this. This was one of the reason i became a rep for them however after using some of the products for a short while i noticed i was getting skin irritations from them. So always do a little of your own research if in doubt.

A product range I can t recommend enough and use personally is the Reviive collection

A list of benefits include;

  • Free from PEGS
  • Free from Parabens
  • Free from Phthalates
  • Free from Sulfates
  • Free from Carcinogens
  • Free from Synthetic ingredients
  • Color safe ingredients
  • Safe for all family members
  • Nourishing ingredients
  • Premium ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic ingredients
  • Anti-oxidant rich ingredients
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Two year expiration on Products
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Vegan
  • Never tested on animals

Why you should switch to the Reviive range

The Reviive range is a line of hair care products that the whole family can use, That you can rest assured are never going to do harm. Reviive is suitable for all hair types so you never have to worry about buying different products for different members of the family who have different hair types, Reviive is even safe to use on colored hair.

Reviive Shampoo and Conditioner will leave your hair feeling and looking in the best condition possible, By only ever using natural and organic ingredients and your hair will smell amazing.


Reviive range


#Puritii – Say goodbye to buying bottled water


Puritii – Say goodbye to buying bottled water

Say hello to the Patent pending Puritii water bottle that changes everything

The Puritii bottle from the Puritii range has landed full force in the bottled water industry, Changing everything you ever thought about only buying bottled water. The Puritii filter is so versatile that it can be used for any source of fresh water world wide. Imagine that when you travel abroad not worry about the contaminated water you could be drinking. Going travelling or hiking and not being able to find a shop to buy water from. You now have an option to replace all that worrying.

Some facts about the worldwide bottled industry

  • The water industry globally is worth a massive 100 billion pounds a year
  • The average yearly price increase of bottled water is 10% per year
  • 50% of all bottled water is from tap water, that is 1 in every 4 bottles from a tap
  • Bottled water isn t regulated
  • The bottled water industry uses 17 million barrels of oil per year to just make the bottles
  • Yearly oil consumption of bottled water is enough to fill 1 million cars per year
  • 3 times more water is needed to actually make the bottle than fill it
  • 12% of water bottles on average are recycled a year
  • 88% of bottles go to either land fill or incineration that is a massive 25 billion bottles wasted
  • The bottled water industry makes on average 86 billion pounds a year in profits

But you still think that your bottled water is a safer alternative to tap water

NRDC tested 103 different brands of bottled water

  • 1 in 5 contained 1 sample per bottle more of bacteria permitted than tap water under microbial guidelines
  • 4% violated the federal bottled water standards
  • 8 samples contained arsenic at levels that would cause potential health concerns
  • Only 2 out 188 companies disclose their water source
  • Plastic chemicals can leach into your water

This all adds up to a lot of concern both for your health and the environment

How does the Puritii bottle change all this?

  • The Puritii bottle surpasses all the NSF required standards for Chlorine removal
  • Bacteria removal of 99.9999% inc (E-coli, Klebsiella, Vibro Cholerae plus many more)
  • Virus removal at 99.99% inc (Coronovirus, Hepatitis A virus, (HAV) Poliovirus, and Polyomavirus)
  • Protozoa removal at 99.99% inc (Cyclospora Cayetensis (cysts) Cryptosporidium Parvum Oocysts and Giardia Lamblia)
  • Parasite removal at 99.99% inc (Ascaris Lumbricoides, Schistosoma, Dracunculus, Medinensis and many more)
  • Chemical reduction inc (waterborne chemicals, Pesticides, VOC s, Chemical pollutants, radioactive substances, medical residues and heavy metals)
  • The Puritii bottle is BPA free, made from medical grade silicon and ABS (used in the piping system)

So by switching to a Puritii bottle instead of a shop brought brand you can rest assured your getting the purest and freshest tasting source of drinking water possible. A Puritii filter costs just an average of 60 which lasts around 3 months. This is equal to drinking 300 bottles of water, which will save you on average 140 in just 3 months.

Water sources that can be filtered and drank from Include

  • Foreign tap water
  • Water from lakes, pond and streams
  • Filters urine
  • Tap water anywhere in Europe and the UK
  • Any fresh water source worldwide

You can see the massive benefits you can reap just by switching to the Puritii bottle, Savings on money, and improvements to your health from drinking more pure water.

Puritii range

#Rejuveniix – The Safe and Superior alternative to artificial energy enhancers

juvi 2

Rejuveniix – The Safe and Superior alternative to artificial energy enhancers

We re all guilty of it, reaching for those energy drinks that are packed full of sugar, artificial additives, ingredients and flavorings to mask just how bad they really are for you. Needing that quick fix of energy to get us through the day, which only to be later rewarded with that typical crash and come down that artificial energy supplements always come with. So your quickly left with two options suffer the crash or top it up with yet more energy supplements.

Now this will only lead to one direction

Addiction, and this is why the yearly Energy drinks industry makes on average of 50 billion relying on stimulants from unnatural sources and high amounts of processed caffeine to keep you addicted. This will only lead to problems with your health, nasty side effects, head aches, mood swings and irritability. Regular consumption of these stimulants take a negative effect on your body, health and mind. These unnatural supplements should be avoided at all costs.

Step forward Rejuveniix – A superior, natural and safe alternative from the Nutrifii range

Rejuveniix brings a safe alternative to all those nasty products on the market, with a signature combination of anti-oxidants, natural super food extracts and a helpful dose of natural energy enhancers that provides that important boost needed to improve mental alertness, energy and and overall sense of well being.

Rejuveniix works with your body to increase energy naturally

The Rejuveniix super fruit blend provides a diverse and synergistic blend of nutrients and super foods that deliver superior benefits unlike anything else out there.

  • Acia Berry – Found in the Brazilian rain forest these tiny yet potent and powerful little berries deliver a nutritional punch that amazonian people have been consuming for over a 1000 years to help promote overall health and well-being.
  • Mangosteen Fruit – Which is also known by names such as “food of the gods” by the French people and “Queen of the fruits” in Asian cultures. Mangosteen contains natural Xanthones which is a unique class of biologically active compounds that contain anti-oxidants.
  • Maqui Berry – Originates from the Patagonian region of South America, This super anti-oxidant containing fruit was consumed by the Mapuche Indians for it s medicinal properties and can be often seen credited for its contribution to weight loss and removal of toxins from the body.
  • Noni Fruit – Originates from Polynesian cultures and resembles a small potato. Noni contains essential elements that are beneficial to humans such as fiber, proteins, iron, vitamin c, calcium and zinc.
  • Sea Buckthorn – This berry has a rich history throughout Europe and Asia for medicinal purposes, Sea Buckthorn contains anti-oxidants, vitamins, health fatty acids and numerous other nutrients. These berries also contain a high content of Vitamins c + e, essential minerals, amino acids, phytosterols, caratenoids and phenolic pigments.
  • Goji Berry – Goji berries can be found in China and Europe and particularly favored in Chinese medicinal preparations for thousands of years. These tiny berries contain anti-oxidants, particularly the carotenoids, beta carotene and zeaxanthin which are helpful in protecting the retina and with supporting eye sight.

Rejuveniix natural energy enhancers that contain added benefits

  • L-Theanine – Is the amino acid found in green tea leaves and research has shown that this amino acid creates a sense of relaxation approximately 30-40 minutes after consumption by directly stimulating alpha brain waves. This creates a state of deep relaxation and mental alertness similar to meditation.
  • Green coffee bean extract – Has anti-oxidant properties similar to the natural anti-oxidant components of green tea and grape seed extract.
  • Hawthorn berry – Is anti-oxidant rich and is beneficial for helping reduce damage from free radicals as well as supporting blood flow, improving circulation and lowering blood pressure.
  • Chamomile – Is valued for its calming and anti anxiety properties, its ability to reduce digestive problems, and to help in the relief of muscle spasms and a topical ointment for cuts and wounds.

You can now safely say there is a natural and effective alternative to all those high sugar and unnatural alternatives out there on the market. An alternative that is non addictive, doesn t come full of nasty side effects and any of those unwanted variety of health risks make the switch today to reap the benefits of this amazing product.

Nutrifii range

#Jouv – A revolutionary skin care range



“Jouv The revolutionary skin care range”

So as many of you are aware these days our beauty products are so full of chemicals it s a wonder they don t glow! You see so many of them on television making claims to reverse the aging process and make those irritating lines and wrinkles disappear for good, They usually come with a very hefty price tag and are endorsed by some celebrity who clearly has been airbrushed and botoxed since they hit the celeb scene.

Now you ve all seen them, tried them and can agree that the results never last and barely deliver. Worst of all if you just turn over and read the ingredients and look a little further into them you would be shocked at what actually goes into most of these products. A mish-mash of so many chemicals the only thing that long term use of these will bring you are skin problems and pounds spent on products that can really never deliver.

Now i am always one for using only natural products and finally there is a skin care range that finally delivers. If your like me against needles, pumping your body full of chemicals and really not wanting surgeries to rid you of those pesky reminders that your aging.

Then Jouv is the range you have been waiting and searching for!


Just a few facts about this incredible range;

  • A 63% permanent wrinkle reduction over 28 days continues use
  • Phthalates free
  • PEGS free
  • Paraben free
  • Silicone free
  • Nano-particle free

Jouv is also free from the associated problems that so many chemical laden products on the market come with, many of which these ingredients have been associated and linked with cancer, neuro-toxicity, endocrine disruption, allergenic problems, reproductive damage, and a host of other numerous health hazards.

It s a wonder that most people still use so many of the products out there on the market still on their skin.

So as well as Jouv being a game changing product you can be completely satisfied with the results. You will see these results and feel them in as little as 90 seconds.


Guess what another great bonus the product isn t just for women either, men are also embracing this skin care range and loving the results they are achieving.

So before you decide to even think about surgery, botox or one of those many nasty chemical laden products give Jouv a chance to open your eyes to real visible results that people will stop and notice.

Jouv is the natural and safe alternative to all those nasty, and sometimes even painful alternative products and procedures that have the chance of going wrong.

If that don t change your thinking of going natural then there is also a 100% money back guarantee with the Jouv product range that goes to even further to prove just how effective these one of a kind products are.


Jouve skin care range




” New Years resolutions”

So it s a new year and as i can see so many people have decided that they re going to start eating health, Posts about switching to Organic losing weight, detoxing and so on, That is all great and all and i applaud you for these resolutions your making, But we as a nation are getting more unhealthier by the day. We have one of the best health systems in the world but people are still becoming sicker.

Why is this?

We live in a nation of fast food, convenience meals, and people who work so much that they don t have time to cook a healthy meal for themselves anymore. Even more so children who only want to eat sweets and junk food We re not off to a great start, Couple this with all the medications that people take soon as they become ill Doctors will give you anything these days for an ailment. Our Bodies are just becoming more toxic.

However there are also other aspects we need to consider,

Most people really don t realize that what you put on to your body is just as important as what you put in. We cover ourselves in every potion, cream and spray that we can think of to give us that glowing skin, slow down the aging process and even to make us smell nice to mask the nastiness we have more than probably put inside ourselves. Then you have your household cleaning products, Air fresheners, washing detergents even the water you wash and bathe in can be contaminated and there are so many more. Then couple that with the pollution you absorb whilst out and about doing your daily routines.

Your all starting to see the picture right…? It ain t a great combination.

I have for one been guilty of all this plenty of times in my life, Kebabs, Junk food, Chemical laden deodorants, Aftershaves, moisturizers, anti wrinkle creams, energy drinks and copious amounts of alcohol.

So when your starting your new years resolution don t do it halfheartedly, Yes switch to Organic produce, eat more healthy clean meals, cut down the processed junk, fizzy pop and high sugar energy drinks. But remember there are so many other positive changes you can make to your body, drink more pure filtered water, start eating more fruit and veg. Look at the labels on your skin care products!! if your switching to Organic foods why not switch to organic skin care products?

There are a few companies out there now producing products with no chemicals in them from raw and organic ingredients, check out the ranges from the Opportunity company that include the ranges of Reviive , Jouve, and Priime products that are all revolutionary, organic, suitable for all the family and are never tested on animals.

These products are one of a kind!! they are free from PEG s, Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates and Synthetic Chemicals.

  • The range Reviive consist of a body wash, fluoride free tooth paste and even a shampoo and conditioner these products are suitable to use on children,
  • The Jouv range of skin care products are like no other you will ever use, A brightening cream that makes your skin look and feel amazing, A tightening cream that will give you results that you can see and feel in 90 seconds.
  • The Priime range of oils that you can use around your house for so many different uses from cleaning to freshening the air and yes there is even one that smells great as a perfume/aftershave.
  • There is the Nutrifii range of nutritional supplements to give you that added extra boost of nutrients for many different areas.
  • There is the Puritii range of Purification products available such as a one of a kind water filter bottle and air filtration system.
  • The Slenderiiz range is also available for those wanting to shift some weight after the festive period or maintain that slender figure.

There are a few ranges of organic deodorants that are popping up now too, aftershaves and body sprays made from essential oils that smell amazing.

All that is left now is your bathing water and showering water and there are so many different ways to improve this, A shower filter and a water filtration system are great investments.

It don t take much to make changes and you don t have to do them all at once, But remember if your going to do something do it right.

Have a great day everybody and good luck with all your goals and resolutions.