Saturday – A day to remember


Saturday – A day to remember!!!

On Saturday i attended my first event for the Opportunity company and finally i got to meet all of the team for the first time. I can t even begin to describe how amazing this day turned out to be, A room filled full of people all on the same amazing journey as yourself, And the most amazing inspirational women you could ever want to meet!!

I have attended events before in network marketing but never have i felt such an electric atmosphere or had the honor of listening to such inspirational people. When i first arrived i was met by the team an instead of things being nerve racking fun just took over. Never have i met such a bunch of crazy and amazing people who came from all different parts of the UK.

we learnt so much that day and it finally sunk in just how amazing this company is and how it really is changing lives for so many people over the world and not just the people who are involved in the company. You see all the time how companies make big claims about how they are helping those that are part of their company and the people who purchase their products only to find out that they re really only out for the financial gains they can make.

Step forward Deanna Latson and the Opportunity company, The presence this lady has is unbelievable!! and listening to her story about how she came to be involved in the health and wellness industry is amazing!!! When you listen to this lady speak you know every word that she says to you is truly genuine and what she is doing for the health and wellness industry is like nothing else compared!!

When we had the recognition of everybody being promoted in the company we walked on stage to receive our pins everyone cheered in the room to genuinely support each others success. We was awarded our pins from Deanna herself and in my time i have met a few celebrities face to face and not once have i been star struck but in the presence of this lady i was well and truly star struck that i grabbed my pin and ran to the stage!!


I don t believe that words can ever describe just how amazing this day actually was but all i can say is you need to be a part of this company if you believe your capable of achieving greatness. Because this company is capable of giving you that opportunity. Just look at some of the people not just men but women too, Lauren Belfry who jumped two promotions at 2 am in the morning whilst also having a young child to care for congratulations to you, Our mentor Andrew Lewis who works a full time job and still manages to get on calls to help us out when we needed no matter what the time is. Lastly but not least James Lavelle who was the fastest person to achieve chair person level 3 in the companies history who baring in mind achieved this whilst also travelling up and down the country promoting the amazing opportunity company.

Ireland is next to be taken over by the Opportunity company so look out for the dates that are being made available over the coming months. I am so optimistic about the future and where this company is going in the industry. The team that i am part of is full of big dreams and with the company and our mentors behind we all truly know we are in the best of hands.