#Monday mornings

Good morning everybody,

So I have just realized from all status updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that many people are waking up miserable and going to their same old jobs. Whilst there maybe just a few people who maybe enjoy their job a lot of the status updates are as you guessed it (negative)

I can happily say that I am very much self employed and happy in my career working within the Opportunity company. So many people don t realize the options that are available out there to themselves nowadays. It s now more than ever easier to become self employed and start your own business. I m 30+ now and I ve run 4 different businesses already.

Being self employed is such an achievement and can open up so many opportunities in life, Imagine never having to do weekends, Requesting for holidays off or even better worrying about sick days you have remaining. Now pair this with spending as much time with your families, seeing your children grow up and never having to say to people “oh i m working I m to busy that day” Crazy right I really was that person!!

It s never to late to start something new, Don t dread going back to work on a Monday because it will always be something that you do and will always be stuck doing. Change your outlook on life, think positively and start making changes. You never know what opportunities you could be missing out on if you only started to look.

Have a great week everybody!!


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  • Deborah

    I wouldn t go back to working for someone…. I love working from home being able to see my children whenever I want. The best opportunity yet!

    • http://WWW.THEOPPORTUNITYBLOGGER.CO.UK TheOpportunityBlogger

      Best Opportunity ever we have in our hands Debbie!!! Hope you have a great Monday and thank you for leaving me a comment =]. x