Mistakes women make during sex


It makes sense not to do everything right because you are human and people make mistakes, according to Athens Escorts. However, sometimes there is considerable room for improvement, for your own good alone. For example, there are some basic things in sex that you do wrong and that you unfortunately do not understand. Below, we have the most important for you.

You avoid things so as not to be misunderstood

 My doll, you have sex, you are neither at work, nor in public, nor at a family gathering. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well, as it turns out. Let’s put an end to seriousness and say yes to what makes us happy and above all offers us enjoyment (in an always logical context and since we do not offend anyone). Let’s see you …

You are very concerned about how you look

 Be careful, we do not mean to have a mirror in front of you and to admire yourself while having sex, a great tool by the way, but to be afraid that your cellulite or thrown belly may be visible. You know something; It will seem! And he knows it. And he does not care at all. Because sex is not the pursuit of perfection but the pursuit of pleasure. After all, perfection almost never offered pleasure. At least we think so.

You draw the wrong conclusions

 It is not for all men only sex. There are also men who really want you and want to have sex with you, not only to satisfy their animal instincts but also because it simply fills them emotionally. If you continue to believe this, then we are sorry, but you will never set yourself free.

You think he always wants sex

 And if he doesn’t … sit down, you think he doesn’t want you anymore. Big mistake my friend. Men are also people (I do not know if you have understood) and not sex machines, with a few exceptions of course, so there is a serious possibility that he does not have an appetite for toys, because he is simply tired or does not have disposal.

You do not give him instructions

 And here we will spoil them. We love you, we appreciate you, and we have a crown on our head. However, when we hear women demanding that their partner know exactly what they want and what they like in bed, without them making the slightest effort to … give him an idea, then we admit that we are somewhat angry because my friend, you are not right. How will a man know exactly what to do if you do not help him at all? And how do you claim to know exactly what to do? Are you a little crazy or is it our idea?

It stresses you even in thought

Let’s start at the very beginning, before you even get to bed. You have given a lot of ‘power’ to sex and you expect that it will change your life or that it is something that always presupposes a good mood, perfection in movements and the ultimate partner. I’m sorry if you learn this from me, but it is very difficult to achieve all this together. And to be properly depilated. In fact, if a long time has passed since the last time, you have exaggerated things and you see it as something beautiful but distant and elusive.

You are pretending to orgasm

We will not get bored of saying it – when you pretend to have an orgasm you can do good to your partner, so as not to spoil his mood or hurt his ego, but at the same time deprive yourself of the pleasure of a nice orgasm. So the next time you go to bed, stop screaming and tell him he didn’t make you finish. As a wise man says “He has to try more”, why not just his own satisfaction, ok?

You get upset when he suggests something new

When a couple is together for a long time, it is natural for one of them to want to light things up with a little variety. So when he asks you to try something new, it does not mean that he is not satisfied with what you have done so far. Do not take it too personally. But even then, it is important to stay within your safety zone.

No one should feel compelled to do something they do not want to do when it comes to sex. If your husband asks you to do something that is out of your control, explain it to him. Just pay attention to how you tell him.



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