How to spend your evenings in the island of Santorini


How to spend your evenings in the island of Santorini

If you are planning on going on vacation in Santorini Santorini car rentalthis year then we have some propositions as far as your evenings in the island are concerned. The Greek islands are a great choice for summer vacation as they offer a lot of opportunities and can cover every taste. We are here today to present you a guide on “How to spend your evenings in the island of Santorini”.

Remember that in most Greek islands -including Santorini- you will need to rent a car or a motorbike as the public transport is not the ideal means of moving around. Some places are accessible only by car so bear this in mind if you are planning your vacation there. We have some great proposals on how to spend your evenings in the island of Santorini so keep reading to find out more about this topic.

Cultural nights

You can enjoy bits and pieces of the Greek culture while you are in Santorini. And there are many ways that you can do so. Many hotels and especially the Municipality of Santorini, offer a great deal of spectacles and visitations to sights.

First of all you can spend your afternoons visiting museums or places with art significance. In Santorini you will find various museums such as the Museum of prehistoric Thira, the Tomato museum, the Santozeum Museum and many more. It is a great way to spend your afternoon before going for dinner or for a walk.

The art galleries of the island are numerous and they can satisfy even the most demanding visitors.Roam around in the Symposion, the Marble Gallery, the Oia treasures gallery, MATI art gallery and more. You will be surprised of what you can find in the island’s galleries!

There are also many cultural events organized by the municipality of Santorini, such as concerts or theater nights which you can enjoy for a small amount of money or even for free. Just make sure to check the schedule in their website for the days of your vacation.


Dinner in Santorini is a magical experience. You can choose among dozens of restaurants and taverns and explore the taste of the Greek dishes. Most restaurants will guide you through the traditional flavors of Greek food such as fish dishes, homemade mousaka and Greek salad and many other choices.

As there are foods that are found only here, you will not want to miss the chance of tasting them when you are on vacation in Santorini. The island has also many traditional local plates such as vegan tomato meatballs and amazing wine. You can find wineries and vineyards in the island that are definitely worth a visit.

You will want to taste the Santorinian wines and you can ask the locals for more information. They will be willing to give you a glass of wine as a treat as they are know for their hospitality.

Enjoy the sunset

The most well-known attraction of the island is its sunset views. People from all over the world are coming to this island to experience the magical view of Satorini’s sunset. We know that the sun sets in every region and city of the world, but in Santorini the sun meets the endless blue of the sea and it creates a magical view that is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Therefore, the sunset could not be absent from the list of “how to spend your evenings in the island of  Santorini”. If you are planning to go with your significant other, make sure to capture a photo in front of the sunset as it will be one of the most impressive moments of your life.

Do it like a local

At any time you can ask a local about what is worth seeing in the island. It may sound strange but locals always know where to send you and it is more likely that they will tell you about places and beaches that are not that crowded! This way you can really enjoy your vacation and of course see more places!

You can ask them about museums, accommodation, beaches or taverns too. You will be surprised of the places they are going to send you to, and if you have a rental car, everything gets easier.

Do not be mainstream

If you are visiting Santorini during popular dates of the high season such as July and August, you will need to follow this tip. Going to popular places and sights when everybody else wants to go too will just make you stand in waiting lines for hours, just to be rushed to find a place to sit or to explore the museums.

]If you are going to follow the previous tip, you are going to enjoy your vacation and you will not be stressed. Otherwise, you can just visit the island during the low season in June or September.

Take advantage of your hotel

You might have not thought about this, but your hotel could offer you events that you are not aware of. Before visiting Greece, you should check the hotel’s events as many hotels are offering live music, Greek dance spectacles, even movie nights! It is the perfect way to spend your evening in the island of Santorini.

If you have children, hotels offer a daycare or creative activities for your kids while you are enjoying these events. Bigger hotel units are also offering a wide range of food choices as well, so you will not even have to move to find a place for dinner if you will not rent a car in your vacation!

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