How To Give Women Better Oral Sex


How To Give Women Better Oral Sex

Oral sex on women, or cunnilingus, is when a partner stimulates the genital area with their mouth. Below are some guidelines and information to help understand what a woman needs to have better oral sex, otherwise you can also ask a professional call girl or call girls.


Cunnilingus is known as the equivalent of fellatio (a blowjob) on men. It comes from the latin cunnus (the vulva) and lingerie (to lick). It is when a person stimulates their partner’s vulva, and clitoris  using their mouth, lips, and tongue, This Sexual act if done well can cause intense sensations of pleasure that will bring your partner to orgasm.

Getting Started

Before you get started with oral sex, help your partner relax and get in the mood by using your hands to caress, kiss, and massage their body. Never rush to the genital area straight away as this can be a massive turn off. Gently make contact with her genital area by kissing, licking,and using light sucking actions. It is important that your partner is not afraid of making suggestions about what they like and dislike!

 Magic areas

One of the most sensitive parts of the genital area on a woman is the clitoris, particularly the gland. That little button of pleasure is situated at the front of their genitals, and hidden in the folds of the labia. Other areas like the labia minora, the entrance to the vagina, and areas around the anus all contain tons of pleasure sensors. Make it your duty to inform your partner of them!

Positions for oral sex

Cunnilingus on a woman can be performed in various positions. Below are a few of the main ones.

– Classic position: Is when a woman lies on her back and has her legs bent and apart so that her partner can lie or kneel between her legs.
– 69 position: This is when a man and woman are top to tail, facing each others genitals. The great things about this position is that you can both share oral sex at the same time to make it a pleasure shared!
– Woman sitting position:  The woman sits over her partner’s face so that she can have control over how she has oral sex.
– Woman standing up: Have your partner stand against a wall then gently get her to spread her legs apart while you kneel down so that your face is her opposite genitals.

Some women love to have their hands held so the only control they have is pushing their body towards you.

 Good hygiene

Good hygiene is important before any oral sex. Make sure that you and your partner are both clean before getting intimate. Should your partner still be put off by any offensive odours around your intimate areas try using some gentle scents . Try to stay away from oral sex when a woman is on a period because if she is HIV positive you may put yourself at risk.

Beware of sexually transmitted infections

AIDS is rarely transmitted through Oral sex, but remember other infections can easily be passed on, like herpes, or genital warts. This is the only time where Condoms aren’t of any use! The best way to stay safe is to make sure that if you or your partner (call girl or call girls) have any form of infection make sure that you stay away from any form of oral sex.

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